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The Meaning of Tango - The Story of the Argentinian Dance The Meaning of Tango - The Story of the Argentinian Dance
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In this new book, published by Portico, Christine Denniston records what Tango meant to the great generation of dancers who learned to dance the Tango in the Golden Age, and who were the cornerstone of the Tango Renaissance of the 1980s and 1990s.

The book reveals the secrets of Tango in Buenos Aires, including the technical secrets that made the dancers of the Golden Age so wonderful to dance with - secrets any dancer can apply to their own dancing today. It explains how Tango left Argentina for the first time in the years immediately before the First World War, and charts the global Tangomania that led to the development of Ballroom Tango, American Tango, and indirectly, the Modern Ballroom dances. It also explores the Tango Renaissance, and the development of new styles of Tango by a new generation of dancers.

For the person who enjoys watching Tango but does not dance, this book is a fascinating exploration of why Tango is unlike any other dance. For the person who already dances Tango and whose aim is to be a pleasure to dance with, the book is filled with invaluable information.

From the suburbs of Buenos Aires, to the elite salons of Paris in 1912, to its current popularity around the world, through social and political upheavals, The Meaning of Tango follows the fascinating story of the real Argentinian dance.

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a must-read book...

It is rare for me to find a book on any dance that really excites and interests me. This was one of those rare books... more

The essence of Tango!... more

required reading for anybody who is interested in Tango... more

I have many books on Tango and this one is my favourite... more

the book that the Golden Age dancers themselves never wrote!... more

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